About Buckeye Community Hope Foundation

Building Communities. Rebuilding Lives.

Buckeye Community Hope Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation that creates and supports new opportunities for those who need them most: seniors, struggling families, underserved students and misdirected youth. Whether it is building quality affordable housing for low income seniors and families to teaching youths a new trade or overseeing public community schools to become the best educational choice for Ohio students, BCHF has strived for 20 years to improve the lives of both young and old. BCHF’s Housing division has built 73 projects consisting of 2,988 units of affordable housing across six states. There are currently 500 additional units in development. In 2007, BCHF opened a Department of Support Services to serve low-income families and seniors at 35 of its housing sites through the provision of case management supports.

The YouthBuild division was developed in 1994 to help Columbus area dropouts earn a GED and learn the construction trade. Today the YouthBuild Columbus Community School combines diploma-track secondary education, life skills and leadership training, construction and/or nursing instruction with industry certifications and college credits, as well as job/ college placement assistance to help dropout youth get back on track to achieving their goals in work and in life.

Expanding its educational mission, in 2004 BCHF was approved by the State of Ohio Board of Education to sponsor charter schools. By providing professional oversight and technical assistance, BCHF’s Education division helps community schools and their students succeed. In 2014, BCHF’s Education division grew to overseeing 51 community schools throughout Ohio and serving over 13,000 students.