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Reaction to state report card results mixed
Some are confused, while others are frustrated, but most seem to agree that public perception of school quality does not align with report card results for the 2016-2017 school year.  Read more

Supreme Court rules in favor or charter school building owner
Late Sept., the Oho Supreme Court issues a ruling rejecting a Board of Tax Appeals finding that New Plan Learning, Inc.’s leases with two Columbus charter schools were not entitled to a property tax exemption. Read more 

Legislation introduced to criminalize bullying
State Senator Sandra Williams recently provided sponsor testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on legislation she introduced to reduce incidents of bullying by making it a criminal offense. Read more

Ohio awarded $35 million USDOE grant
The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) recently announced that the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) has awarded Ohio a $35 million Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Grant.

“Reading is the foundational skill that supports all learning,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Paolo DeMaria.  “Ohio is committed to improving outcomes for our most vulnerable children, and this grant gives us an important boost in those efforts.”

Most of the grant funding will be distributed directly to local schools or early childhood providers to improve literacy outcomes for children from birth through grade 12.  The three-year grant will focus on serving the greatest numbers of students living in poverty, students with disabilities, English language learners and students identified as having a reading disability.

Anti-Bullying resources available
The Ohio Department of Education is providing online resources for parents aimed at addressing the problem of student bullying.  Read more

Most seniors likely to graduate on time
The Ohio Department of Education reported to the State Board of Education last month that 77 percent of high school seniors are on track to graduate on time under Ohio’s new tougher standards.  That percentage is expected to increase as a result of additional pathways to graduation approved only for the Class of 2018.

Graduation standards were made more rigorous in part due to concern regarding the significant number – about 40 percent – of high school graduates needing remedial classes upon enrollment in Ohio’s public colleges and universities.

ODE data also reveals that about two-thirds of juniors are currently on track to graduate under the new standards – the same percentage of students from the Class of 2018 at this time last school year.

No “silver bullet” to addressing challenges of poverty
State Superintendent of Public Instruction Paolo DeMaria focused his remarks to the Ohio House Speaker’s Task Force on Education and Poverty on the clear link between poverty and poor academic outcomes. Read more

Advocates recommend increased early childhood education investment
Former legislator Shannon Jones, who now serves as executive director of Groundwork Ohio, recently testified before the Joint Education Oversight Committee on the need for greater investment in state-funded, high-quality preschool programs.

Failure to do so, she said, will likely result in Ohio being unable to meet a goal established by the Step Up to Quality Program created by the state in 2005 that all providers earn three-star rankings or better on a five-star scale by 2025.  With just 13 percent of state-funded early childhood education programs currently rated as quality, Ohio has already missed its goal for at least 25 percent to meet high-quality marks by 2017.

National research shows that no more than 10 percent of Ohio four-year-old children are enrolled in state-funded preschool programs, despite the fact that more than 40 percent of Ohio children are eligible to participate.  Jones noted that Ohio funded childcare for about 102,000 children in fiscal year 2016.

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