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Final act for JEOC
The Joint Education Oversight Committee (JEOC) recently held its last meeting after losing its future funding in the state biennial budget bill (H.B. 166).

Chairman Rep. Bob Cupp (R-Lima) and Ranking Minority Member Sen. Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) announced that they would send a letter to the Legislative Service Commission requesting that the committee’s reports and other documents remain easily accessible.

JEOC members Rep. Phillip Robinson (D-Solon) and Rep. Lisa Sobecki (D-Toledo) have introduced legislation (H.B. 336) to reinstate the committee and increase its funding.

Rep. Robinson expressed optimism that bipartisan support for the measure in the House could be achieved. “Our House Primary and Secondary Education Committee works together in a bipartisan fashion,” he said. “I think all of us agree content expertise is needed with the complexity of education.”

If the bill is passed by the House, it seems likely to stall in the Senate in light of the fact that the provision to eliminate funding for JEOC was added to the budget bill by the upper chamber. Senate President Larry Obhof’s (R-Medina) stated position is that the committee creates unnecessary “extra layers of legislative bureaucracy.”

Income tax deductions for teacher expenses approved
The Ohio House and Senate have approved legislation (S.B. 26) allowing Ohio teachers to deduct up to $250 of unreimbursed expenses incurred each year for professional development and classroom supplies.

The deduction piggy-backs on an existing federal income tax deduction for teacher expenses, including: books, supplies, computers and other equipment, and supplemental materials used in the classroom. With respect to supplies for health or physical education classes, the deduction only applies to amounts spent on athletic supplies. Also deductible are expenses paid to participate in professional development courses related to the teacher’s curriculum or students.

To qualify, a teacher must be licensed in Ohio or hold an Ohio-issued certificate or permit and be eligible for the federal deduction. Individuals eligible for the federal deduction include any kindergarten through 12th grade teacher, instructor, counselor, principal or aide who works in a primary or secondary school for at least 900 hours per school year.

Guidance for wellness, success funds available
The state biennial budget bill (H.B. 166) passed by the Legislature in July includes significant funding to support student wellness and success, allocated to districts and schools based on poverty levels.

The funds may be used to provide mental health services, wrap around services, mentoring, after school programs and more. Districts and schools will partner with local organizations to determine the most pressing needs in their communities and will use the funds to make the greatest impact for students.

The Ohio Department of Education has developed a guidance document and reporting template to assist districts and schools in the planning and implementation. Access the resources online at: ODE

ODE awarded federal grants totaling $43 million
The Ohio Department of Education has announced that it has been awarded two competitive grants – focused on improving student literacy from birth through grade 12 -- by the U.S. Department of Education.

The Comprehensive Literacy State Development Grant represents the bulk of the funds at $42 million over a five-year period. The grant will provide funding to establish model literacy sites across the state in preschools and elementary, middle and high schools. The model sites will concentrate on implementing practices consistent with Ohio’s Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement.

The Model Demonstration Projects for Early Identification of Students with Dyslexia Grant – set at $1.2 million over four years – aims to improve the literacy of students with, or at risk for, dyslexia. Nationally, it is estimated that approximately 10 percent of students have the learning disability.

“Ohio’s success with these grant applications reflects recognition of the great work already happening in the state,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Paolo DeMaria. “Everywhere I go, there is energy focused on helping students master reading. It’s essential to each child’s success.”’

New SEL resources available
Students with social-emotional learning (SEL) skills benefit from increased attention, learning memory and academic success that will put them on the road to a bright future. The State Board of Education adopted Ohio’s K-12 Social and Emotional Learning standards – meant to be integrated into regular daily school activities – in June. Resources, including an introductory video, can be accessed online at: SEL

Application for Sponsorship

New School or Replication of a High Performing Charter School
Full Application is due August 1, 2019
Access information for the BCHF new/replicating school
Application webinar is provided below. If you have any questions,
Please contact Jennifer Schorr at jschorr@buckeyehope.org or call (614) 942-2002.

  1. BCHF Application for New and Replicating Communiy Schools 20-21SY
  2. Appendix A 2020-2021SY Application
  3. Appendix B 2020-2021SY Application
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  5. Appendix D 2020-2021SY Application
  6. Application Required Tables New and Replication Application
  7. Application Scoring Rubric 20-21SY

BCHF New & Replicating School Application Webinar
Below you will find a link to the recorded webinar held on Thursday, April 25, 2019

Link to the BCHF New _ Replicating School Application Webinar
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Interested in changing sponsors?
Below are the links to the Sponsorship Transfer Application. If at any time you have questions, please contact Jennifer Schorr jschorr@buckeyehope.org

  1. BCHF Transfer Written Application to begin 2019-2020SY.pdf
  2. Attachment A - BCHF Transfer Written Application to begin 2019-2020SY.pdf
  3. Attachment B - BCHF Transfer Written Application to begin 2019-2020SY.pdf
  4. Attachment C-BCHF Transfer Written Application to begin 2019-2020SY.pdf

Renewal Application

All Renewal Applications were emailed to the BCHF sponsored schools eligible to apply for renewal consideration for contracts expiring 06/30/2020. Materials provided to applicable boards are below. Any questions related to renewal should be directed to Jennifer L. Schorr, Associate Director at jschorr@buckeyehope.org or call (614) 942-2002.

  1. FINAL BCHF Renewal Application to begin 2020-2021SY
  2. Attachment A - Perfromance Frameworks - K12
  3. Attachment A - Performance Frameworks - DOPR
  4. Attachment B - SMART Goals Worksheet- Renewal Application
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