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House speaker supports Kasich’s education re-organization plan; Senate less receptive
It started with an opinion editorial written by a former senior advisor to Gov. John Kasich proposing a restructuring that would give Ohio’s governor control over K-12 public education by making the Ohio Department of Education a cabinet agency.  READ MORE

More changes to be made to education de-regulation bill
According to Sen. Matt Huffman, mixed reviews from legislators, the Ohio Department of Education, district leaders, teachers and parents have resulted in a significant number of changes to an education de-regulation bill he introduced in Oct.  READ MORE

Ohio not well positioned to achieve attainment goal
State education leaders recently held a day-long forum and a Statehouse press conference to highlight the fact that Ohio will likely fall far short of its goal – for 65 percent of residents to earn a degree or credential by 2025 – given the current 43 percent attainment and national ranking of 33rd.  READ MORE

Mentoring program for at-risk students proposed
In response to a direct request from Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville), state universities have worked to develop a plan to engage at-risk high school students.  READ MORE

BCHF supports Children’s Hunger Alliance
Director Peggy Young, Associate Director Jennifer Schorr and other members of Buckeye Community Hope Foundation’s Education Division team recently attended the 23rd Annual Menu of Hope benefitting Children’s Hunger Alliance.  READ MORE

Study shows childhood traumas can have life-long impact
According to the 2016 National Survey of Children’s Health, Ohio is among five states with the most children who faced three or more of eight trauma measures including: separation, divorce or death of a parents/guardian; living with someone who was mentally ill, incarcerated or an abuser of drugs or alcohol, exposure to violence; and, economic hardship.   

As many as one in seven Ohio children experienced multiple risk factors and an increased likelihood of associated life-long challenges. 

“These are difficult things to move the needle on; they’re hard to prevent,” said co-author Vanessa Sacks of the nonpartisan research organization Child Trends.  “I think what is changing is our ability to recognize that these experiences are happening and to address them.”

New graduation standards too difficult for some seniors
The Columbus Dispatch recently reported that less than four months from graduation, one out of five Ohio high school seniors still wouldn’t qualify for a diploma under Ohio’s tougher new requirements temporarily softened for the class of 2018. 

A survey conducted by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) of schools with the largest concentrations of students not-on-track to graduate under the new tougher requirements revealed that students are turning to other pathways – through attendance, work or community service -- provided to graduation this spring. 

As previously reported, the State Board of Education passed a resolution earlier this year recommending that the temporary graduation options be extended to the classes of 2019 and 2020. 

Guidance for enrolling students displaced by disaster available
Widely scattered weather disasters in 2017 displaced thousands of students and families from their homes.  It’s estimated that nearly 30,000 people could migrate to Ohio over the next three years. 

To support schools that are enrolling displaced students, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) offers guidance on what to expect and links to useful resources, including ODE contacts to help in specific situations. Learn more here.

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Special Education Updates
Special education administrators and teachers often find our knowledge and practices of procedural safeguards for compliant special education programs being challenged by changing trends and unwritten expectations. In collaboration with the state support team, these sessions will provide participants with consistent and updated information on the current status of Ohio special education procedural requirements and the school’s obligation for compliance.
March 20 , 2018 Columbus 9am-3pm Lunch is included Register online

Increasing Student Effort
This seminar focuses more deeply on effective lesson delivery components, in particular student responsibility for learning. Participants will learn how to teach students how to self-assess and increase learning effort. Concepts about student motivation and students as agents of their own learning will be explored.
March 9, 2018 Columbus. 10 am-2 pm Register online
March 16, 2018. Cleveland 10 am-2 pm  Register online

Survival Spanish
The next student who may register at your school may speak only Spanish! This seminar will teach you common Spanish phrases and school language, enough to initiate some basic conversations with your student. Jay Paroda, an experienced instructor in facilitating adult conversational Spanish courses, will partner with BCHF to offer this valuable one-day training.
March 14, 2018 Columbus 10 am-3 pm Register online

Drop Out Recovery Roundtable – Spring
The Spring Drop Out Recovery Roundtable will focus on topics of interest to our Drop Out Recovery Schools. The program will be determined in early spring and communicated via email.
April 25, 2018 Columbus 4-6pm Register online

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