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Congratulations to Momentum Award honorees!
Congratulations to Horizon Science Academy Columbus Middle School and Lincoln Park Academy – two of 214 schools to recently receive Momentum Awards from the State Board of Education. Read more

ODE releases annual sponsor ratings
As required by state law, the Ohio Department of Education releaseD ratings assigned to all charter schools sponsors on Nov. 15. Read more

Bill addresses school discipline, bullying and hazing
Legislation (H.B. 360) introduced in September has been subject to change, with the substitute bill under consideration by the House Education and Career Readiness Committee. Read more

Stakeholders voice support for Common Core
Members of the House Education and Career Readiness Committee recently heard testimony from education stakeholders who support Ohio’s Learning Standards and oppose anti-Common Core legislation. Read more

Bill inspired by Chardon High School shooting
The Ohio House Education and Career Readiness Committee recently heard testimony in support on H.B. 318, which would establish training requirements for school resource officers.  Read more

New report sheds light on school leaders’ needs
 The Ohio Department of Education (ODE), in partnership with the Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators and the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators, worked with individuals from throughout the state to gather information serving as the basis for recommendations included in a recently released report, Strengthening Educational Leader Supports.  The report sheds light on what principals need throughout their careers to maximize their effectiveness and recommends strategies and supports.  Access the full report

More students taking advantage of CCP program
The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) recently announced that more than 68,000 students earned college credit while still in high school during the 2016-2017 school year.  According to the Ohio Department of Higher Education, the College Credit Plus (CCP) program potentially saved students $144 million in future tuition.  In the previous year, which was the first year of CCP implementation, 54,000 students saved about $124 million in tuition costs.  Student interested in learning more can access information about CCP – including important upcoming deadlines -- online here

SuccessBound initiative a win for schools, businesses and students
Ohio’s SuccessBound initiative empowers businesses and schools to form win-win-win partnerships. Schools win by forming relationships with businesses that want to invest in education.  Businesses win by gaining the opportunity to better prepare their future workforces.  And students win by learning through engaging, real-world work experiences.  The Ohio Department of Education (ODE), in partnership with the Ohio Educational Service Center Association, recently hosted the inaugural statewide SuccessBound conference.  Additional conferences -- being planned regionally throughout the state – will provide opportunities to foster additional partnerships, network, interact with potential partners and feature sessions addressing the unique needs of specific regions in Ohio. Learn more about SuccessBound.

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BCHF Education Division: Professional Development Catalog (Winter/Spring 2018)

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Workshops and Events

Instruction is not complete until teachers check for understanding! The workshop will build upon teachers’ knowledge of Ohio learning standards to support them in developing formative and summative assessments of focus standards.

December 13 in Columbus: Register online
January 23 in Toledo: Register online
January 31 in Cleveland: Register online

Coaching 101
Instructional coaches can be significant change agents in schools. However, coaches need to have a model to follow in order to be truly effective. Coaches will learn about a partnership model for coaching, develop a coach’s “toolkit,” and find ways to create effective learning conversations.

January 8 in Columbus: Register online

Teacher Bootcamp

This is a one-day “boot camp” covering basic elements of quality instruction and classroom management. Teachers will learn about effective classroom management systems and dealing with disruptions in the classroom. They will then learn about best practices for effective lesson planning and delivery. K-12

January 11
 in Columbus: Register online

Working with the State Writing Rubrics (Grades K-6)
The focus will be on how to evaluate student writing, how to pinpoint writing instruction needs, and how to conference with students to encourage young writers.

January 18 in Columbus: Register online

Effective Strategies for Math Instruction

This is a series of mathematics instructional techniques popularized by both the Eureka and Singapore Math series. These strategies could be utilized in any mathematics classroom to increase student engagement with mathematics and enhance student understanding. Examples will focus on grades K-5.

January 30 in Cleveland: Register online
January 31 in Columbus: Register online

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