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Annual Needs Assessment
We develop our best service and technical assistance plans when you tell us what you and your school need. So once again, we're asking that you give us input about how we served you, how we can best plan our 2022 School Leadership Summit, and how our 2022-23 work plan should look.

Please give us a few minutes of your time by responding by March 15, 2022 to our brief Annual Needs Assessment. We sincerely appreciate your time and input! Complete Survey Now

Public School Works
In providing support to our schools, Buckeye Community Hope Foundation offers specific trainings within Public School Works for governing board members and school leaders. But did you know that Public School Works also offers many beneficial features for use at the school building level which can help streamline everything from student behavior management to staff training?

Student Behavior Management - Streamline your behavior maangement program and improve Communication between schools and families.

StudentWatch is a comprehensive program that provides tools for fully addressing and managing student health, safety, injury, and behavioral issues. Implementing the online Behavior Management System in StudentWatch puts an end to piles of paper and helps administrators quickly identify issues and protect victims. This system reduces the amount of time an administrator takes to process a referral, supports data-based interventions, and automates communication through emails and custom letters. Features include Student Accident Management, Student Bullying Reporting, Student Behavior Management, and more, allowing for improved communication between schools and families.

Online Staff Training - Automate your staff training and comply with complicated state and federal training mandates.

The Staff Training System, part of the award-winning EmployeeSafe Suite, eliminates the “knot in the stomach” administrators often feel as to whether they are in compliance with regulatory requirements. The Staff Training System includes 500+ online courses addressing workplace safety, student safety, human resources, state and federal specific issues, and other safety topics. Additionally, a school may add custom-made trainings for school-specific trainings (i.e., employee handbook).

For more details on how Public School Works can assist with better managing your school building, contact Account Executive Ben Brooks

Transportation Update
Per ORC 3327.016, your community school must establish START and END times for the 22-23SY no later than April 1, 2022. To ensure your eligible students receive transportation services from their school district, you must notify that school district with your school’s start and end times. The school district must use these start and end times to develop a transportation plan with routes and schedules within sixty days (by June 1, 2022) after receiving the information and provide the plan back to your school.


  • Reach out to all districts you expect to receive transportation services to ask how they are collecting start/end times.
  • Establish start/end times by April 1.
  • Notify districts by April 1 per their collection process.
  • Receive transportation plans(s) by June 1.
  • Interested in learning how to provide your own transportation? Please reach out to Jason Moore

    The BCHF's Professional Learning Opportunities Catalog has been refreshed for 2022. We invite you to browse the catalog to see all of the additional sessions that have been added. Please also share with teachers and staff at your school. To see more information about a session, or to register, click on any of the titles listed.

    Keeping Schools Open: What Does It Take?
    by Carol S. Young, Ph.D., Department Lead, BCHF Accountability and School Improvement

    Download the PDF

    Food Service Licenses
    Food service licenses expired statewide on March 1, 2021. Updated licenses for schools, vendors, and caterers should be uploaded to SharePoint and posted in school buildings.

    Virtual Board Meetings Approved
    HB 51, allowing virtual public meetings - including school board meetings - has been signed by Governor DeWine and takes effect immediately under the emergency measure in the bill.

    Important Reminders::

  • You must provide public access to the meeting (i.e. zoom link).
  • Notice of the meeting must be provided and posted at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.
  • Virtual meetings where board members can be counted for quorum and vote expires June 30, 2022.
  • Governing Board Member Training Reminder
    If a governing board member has yet to complete training for the 2021-22 school year, it is imperative that it is completed soon. Board training is a contractual obligation. Students are better served when board members stay current in the knowledge of policies, fiscal responsibilities, and school culture. BCHF offers online training modules through Public School Works that will satisfy your board training requirement. Please contact your sponsor representative for more information.

    Application for Sponsorship

    New School or Replication of a High Performing Charter School
    Thank you for your interest in opening a community school sponsored by Buckeye Community Hope Foundation. Please review the instructions and timeline prior to completing the application. Additional helpful information on completing your new/replicating school application can be found via the link below to our webinar.

    Webinar Link: Click here

    Webinar Password: YkD$e2xF

    New School or Replicating Community Schools 2022 Application Instructions

    Application - New 2022

    Scoring Rubric - New 2022

    Interested in Changing Sponsors?
    If you currently have a community school operating in Ohio and are seeking to transfer sponsorship to Buckeye Community Hope Foundation, please contact Jennifer Schorr at jschorr@buckeyehope.org or call (614) 942-2002.

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