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Mychal Wynn to Address BCHF All Schools Meeting

BCHF is pleased to announce that famed author and educator Mychal Wynn will serve as keynote speaker for Buckeye Community Hope Foundation's "All Schools" Meeting on September 21, 2016.

Mr. Wynn is the author of 28 books, among these The Eagles who Thought They were Chickens and Teaching, Parenting, and Mentoring Successful Black Males. He is the CEO of the Foundation for Ensuring Access and Equity. Mr. Wynn has received international acclaim for his work in assisting schools in becoming "Conversational Communities" that close achievement gaps and inspire students from poverty backgrounds to higher levels of learning.

Registration for the event is now open to Sponsored Schools by contacting Anita McCarty at amccarty@buckeyehope.org.

A lasting memory

Each school year, including 2015-2016, a formal “Hero Dance” is held for Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn Community Middle School students. Students enjoy the opportunity to dress in their finest and dance the night away with their heroes.

Principal Cherie Kaiser describes it as a “very special night.” Raffle tickets for a variety of prizes are sold to students, who have been particularly eager to win the opportunity to shadow the principal, and assistant principal, for the day.

Last year’s student winners – fourth grader Kallie Yeager and third-grader Joey Chech – joined Principal Kaiser in walk-throughs and filled out reflection sheets as they visited classrooms. Buckeye Community Hope Foundation Regional Representative Joe Calinger spent time with the students and explained the role of a charter school sponsor.

The students’ biggest surprise from the experience was that principals never stop working all day!

All hands on deck!

A special thank you to school leaders who provided professional and timely responses to the many requests made in July as a part of the compliance component of Buckeye Community Hope Foundation’s (BCHF) sponsor performance assessment by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).

As previously reported, state laws require all charter school sponsors to be assessed on performance in three key areas – school academic performance, quality authorizer practices and school/sponsor compliance – and rated by ODE. Statutory incentives are provided to highly rated sponsors and their sponsored schools, while penalties are in place for low-performing sponsors.

Sponsor ratings for both the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school years will be released in October. School report card data will be used to calculate school academic performance component scores.

Documentation provided earlier this year by BCHF for the quality authorizer practices components filled nine four-inch binders for the 2014-2015 assessment and 16 for 2015-2016.

Although H.B. 2, which mandated changes to Ohio’s sponsor performance assessment, was approved by the Ohio General Assembly on October 7, a draft compliance monitoring tool was not provided by ODE until mid-May – more than seven months after passage of the bill. The final document was not released until June 30 – nearly nine months after the legislation was approved and five months after the bill was enacted.

On July 6, ODE hosted a webinar to review the compliance monitoring tool and process; however, participants were not permitted to ask questions during the session. Answers to questions submitted to ODE in writing were not provided until a week later, leaving only 13 business days for sponsors to comply. BCHF was required to assess and report on verification of more than 300 compliance items for each sponsored school – more than 5,000 “tasks” were uploaded in ODE’s Epicenter data system. That’s 5,000 “tasks,” not pages! In some cases, individual tasks required documents of up to 100 pages, including some previously submitted to ODE.

The BCHF Education Division team appreciates the necessary assistance in gathering and reporting all the required documentation and information provided by school leaders – on short notice and during the one month of the year that generally allows for a slow down in their busy schedules. July is typically a time for overseeing facility improvements, brainstorming new ideas, planning new initiatives, engaging in professional development and, perhaps, enjoying bit of personal down time.

A special thanks, too, to dropout recovery school leaders who were required to again complete and submit applications to receive the DORP school designation required to be assessed using the new DORP school report card – regardless of previous DORP designations and the fact that school sponsor contracts clearly reflect the DORP designation.

Charter School Application for 17-18SY

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Buckeye Community Hope Foundation as your potential charter school Authorizer.

Buckeye Community Hope Foundation hosted a new school applicant webinar on Friday, May 20th to review the RFP for schools wishing to open for the 2017-2018SY.

Below you will find links to the following:

Recorded Application Webinar (Right Click 'Save Link As' to Download video file)

New School Application for the 2017-2018SY - Please refer to the Submission Timeline

Application Evaluation Rubric

Sample BCHF Contract

Sample BCHF Contract with Exhibits

New School Considerations

Forms for IRN and Initiating Payments

If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact Jennifer Robison, Associate Director, at jrobison@buckeyehope.org  or sponsorship@buckeyehope.org  or call (614) 942-2002.

If you are an existing school in Ohio and are seeking to change from your current Authorizer (Sponsor), please contact Jennifer Robison at jrobison@buckeyehope.org or call (614) 942-2002.

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