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Sponsor evaluation rules delayed

Ohio Department of Education rules to implement the new sponsor performance assessment were blocked by JCARR for two legitimate reasons: an incomplete, inaccurate fiscal analysis and retroactive application.   READ MORE

Early learning, teacher training key to U.S. success

Strong early education systems, a professionalized teacher workforce and a comprehensive approach to education are key strengths of the world’s best academically performing countries, according to a report recently released by the NCSL International Education Study Group.  READ MORE

Blog post promotes best practices

The Ohio Department of Education’s blog, “Extra Credit,” recently featured a guess blogger from Battelle for Kids who highlights five promising practices from high-performing schools:

  *   Limiting goals and initiatives to focus on student learning;
  *   Strategically leveraging time, talent and resources;
  *   Developing a balanced assessment approach;
  *   Using multiple measures to inform improvement; and,
  *   Empowering teachers and developing leaders.

Updated graduation requirements handout available

An updated overview handout about graduation requirements for students and their families snow available on the Ohio Department of Education’s website.

A brief accompanying video that provides a general overview of graduation options for the classes of 2018 and beyond is also available at YouTube:

Application for Sponsorship

The application period for NEW Schools for the 17-18SY is now closed.

Sponsor TRANSFER applications are due by November 1st. Click here for the Transfer Application documents.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Robison at jrobison@buckeyehope.org or call (614) 942-2002.

Annual Report

Professional Development

BCHF Education Division: Professional Development Catalog (2016-17)

Workshops and Events

Click here for list and details of all professional development for 2016-17

Coaching Curriculum into Action

Tues November 1, 2016 10 am - 3 pm Cleveland. Register
Wed November 2 Columbus Register

Dropout Recovery

Data for Dropout Recovery - Wed, October 26, 2016 4 pm - 6 pm Columbus Register

Effective Lesson Delivery

Wed, September 28, 2016 10 am - 3 pm Cleveland Register
Thur, September 29, 2016 10 am - 3 pm Columbus Register
Sat, October 1, 2016 8 am - 12 pm Toledo - cancelled

Transition Plans and the IEP

Mon, September 26, 2016 9 am - noon Dayton- rescheduled!
Fri October 28, 2016 9 am - noon Dayton Register

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