About Us

Mission Statement

The Education Division of Buckeye Community Hope Foundation is committed to promoting academic excellence by providing focused monitoring and technical assistance to the schools we sponsor in Ohio.

Vision Statement

To eliminate the Achievement Gap in all public community schools in Ohio through strong partnerships with schools, boards, and sponsors.


Quality authorizing plays a critical role in creating and sustaining quality charter/community schools. A quality charter school is characterized by high student achievement, financial stewardship, and responsible governance. Buckeye Community Hope Foundation will improve public education by creating greater educational opportunities for students and educators and higher educational accountability for public community schools.


The Buckeye Community Hope Foundation (BCHF) was approved as a community school sponsor by the State of Ohio Board of Education in 2004. BCHF believes that community schools are an innovative and progressive approach for developing high quality educational options and seeks to foster and nurture productive relationships with Ohio community schools, providing ongoing guidance and professional oversight geared toward the success of community schools and their students. BCHF is committed to promoting high student achievement, financial stewardship, and responsible governance and management with the schools we authorize.

Community Schools also known as “Charter Schools” are not-for-profit, public schools that operate under contract with an authorized sponsor entity. They receive state and federal funds and are therefore subject to appropriate accountability and transparency. Over 300 charter schools are delivering high quality educational options to thousands of children in Ohio.

Sponsoring organizations were initiated by State Legislation to sponsor the creation of and monitor the activities of Charter Schools. The contract between the Sponsor and the School’s Governing Authority serves as the foundation for oversight geared toward the success of the community schools and their students. BCHF has an obligation to the public to monitor the charter schools we authorize to help ensure they are in full compliance with State and Federal laws, and the academic goals agreed to in their contract. A representative from Buckeye Community Hope Foundation conducts bi-monthly site visits to schools while classes are in session, monitors the academic delivery in the classroom, and provides ongoing guidance and technical assistance as needed. Additionally a sponsor representative, knowledgeable in school finance reviews the financial records of the school to ensure the schools are fiscally sound.

The Education Division of BCHF consists of statewide regional representatives, a school improvement team, a financial reviewer, a compliance reviewer, a data collection manager, its Division Director and Associate Director.

We are changing the lives of more than fourteen thousand students, paving the way to a brighter future through education!


National Association of Charter School Authorizers – NACSA
Ohio Association of Charter School Authorizers – OACSA
Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools – OAPCS
Ohio Coalition for Quality Education – OCQE