Housing with a Heart

We believe in providing support services to our residents to build a foundation of stability, safety and empowerment.  Having support services in place on a property gives our residents additional strength and security when dealing with life’s challenges.

In other words, Housing with a Heart


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A Halloween kitty finds a home for Christmas.

With the holiday season in full swing and the year drawing to a close, we'd like to share a heartwarming story from one of our resident Service Coordinators. Hope you enjoy this little story about an abandoned senior cat in need of a home and a resident in need of a friend finding each other thanks to the kind efforts of our resident Manager and Service Coordinator.

"This is Boo. I was the first one in the office the day before Halloween and suddenly this black cat comes walking around like she owns the place. Scared me to death at first! Come to find out, the maintenance team found her with an overflowing litterbox and no food after one of the units moved out leaving poor Boo behind alone.

Since she was an older cat, the manager and I didn't want to take her to the Humane Society and were hoping to find her a new home ourselves. We made a post about Boo online and spread the word to residents, families, and friends.

Well, Boo ended up staying with us in the office for a little while, and seemed to prefer the corner of my desk. While I would describe Boo as a friendly cat, she was never overly affectionate with us or any of the residents who came and went. We told everyone about her and several people came in to look, but no one took her. One day, an elderly resident came in and it was like someone flipped a switch. Boo latched right onto her. She climbed in her lap and nestled against the resident like she had known her all her life. It was very sweet! This resident has been struggling with grief after the loss of her mother to cancer. Once she heard Boo's story, and how she was staying in the office alone at nights and weekends, she asked if she could babysit Boo for the weekend and see if they bonded.

Well - they bonded! Boo has been renamed Miss Kitty and is officially a much loved companion at last. The resident also shared that her therapist has said having Miss Kitty in her life is great for her and that she no longer needs medication to sleep and has even been able to cut down on the use of her anxiety medication as well. This story could not have had a better ending for the resident or Miss Kitty and we are beyond thrilled."

What a great story to end the year with! We want to thank Dottie our resident Service Coordinator as well as the manager of Montpelier Gardens, Sherri, for their involvement and for sharing this story with us.