Buckeye Buildings Awarded Grants

Grants Awarded in 2016

We are thrilled to announce that Barony Place, our senior property located in Monck’s Corner, South Carolina, has been awarded two of CAHEC’s Community Investment Grants!


The CAHEC Technology Resource Grant has provided our residents with a desktop computer, an all-in-one printer/scanner as well as a computer desk and chair. This wonderful resource is available to all residents on-site and free of charge for all of their computer needs.

Residents of Barony Place will also now have access to an on-site gym thanks to CAHEC's Active Lifestyle Grant. This gym contains $6,500 worth of brand new exercise equipment to help keep our residents fit and healthy. Thank you CAHEC for providing our residents, with these life-changing resources!

Grants Awarded in 2015

Recent grant recepients

Residents of Greenway Senior Apts. in Ashtabula participated in art therapy funded through an Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing grant.

Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing Grants:

  • Pleasant Meadows-$20,025 to send 15 children to summer camp.
  • Nela Manor Apartments-$18,050 to send 10 children to summer camp.
  • Clubview Apartments-$3.465 to send three children to summer camp
  • Eagleview Apartments-$9,500 to send 10 children to summer camp.
  • Trotwood Homes-$29,400 to send 21 kids to summer camp.
  •  Newton Falls Apartments-$1,101.00-community garden
  • Greenway Senior Apartments-$1,500.00-Art Therapist and supplies
  • Bellefontaine Manor-$4,200-12 visits from the Second Harvest Food Truck
  • New Lexington Village-$620.00-supplies and tee shirts for walking club
  • Legacy Village-$1,600.00-memberships to fitness center

Community Affordable Housing Equity Corporation:

  • Shoals Manor-West Virginia-$3,000
    Community Enhancement Grant

  • Elk Valley II-$5,000
    Technology grant