Housing with a Heart

We believe in providing support services to our residents to build a foundation of stability, safety and empowerment.  Having support services in place on a property gives our residents additional strength and security when dealing with life’s challenges.

In other words, Housing with a Heart


Roxbury Garden 2019Gardening Fun
Summer is in full swing around here and what better way to spend a nice summer day than in the garden? Residents at Roxbury Place in Johnstown, PA agree and have worked hard installing a community vegetable garden, as well as, planting flowers to beautify the entrance. Caring for a Roxbury Flowers community garden can help relieve stress and provide healthy outdoor activity while providing residents with access to fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. Can’t wait to see how this looks in a couple months!

Face Painting Party

Face Painting Party
Families at Country Apartments in Brownstown, IN decided to celebrate summer by hosting a face painting party that looked to be a blast for everyone involved. Summer 2019 is definitely off to a good start.Face Painting